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HPS/ANSI N13.53 Standard for Control and Release of TENORM (2009)

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From the introduction: "This standard provides general guidance and normative criteria for the control and release of technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM). The radioactivity in TENORM is due to radionuclides associated with two radioactive decay series, 238U and 232Th and their respective decay products, and 40K. The standard applies to industries or activities that are not covered by existing federal or state regulations. In addition, the standard may be adopted by American industries and organizations as guidance in foreign countries in which there are no TENORM regulations or guidelines. The activities considered by this standard include mining and beneficiation of ores; processing of ore materials, gangue, and wastes; feedstock used in manufacturing consumer and industrial products; and distribution of products containing TENORM. The standard does not apply to common activities, such as tilling or plowing for agricultural purposes and preparation and grading of sites for construction. This standard is concerned with practices and operations that might concentrate and relocate radioactivity or make radioactivity more accessible such that members of the public may receive doses that would warrant the application of appropriate protective measures and corrective actions. The introduction of TENORM in products with no beneficial attributes is not approved by this standard. Other recommendations suggest that preventive measures, such as engineered safety systems or operational procedures, be implemented to safely manage TENORM in achieving the same objective. Finally, the control of occupational exposures associated with TENORM is covered by the standard, although this aspect may already be addressed through requirements of industrial hygiene standards under current federal and state regulations."

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